I made an error on my 1st order and called to fix it. she was really friendly, actually knew my name already, fixed my error and my order was done. the driver was communicative, clean looking, MASKED had exact change (tho he kept it as a tip), was quick to get here, and also super friendly.


Actually showed up when they said they were. Quality was far better than I could imagine coming through delivery service. Good looking guy, not a method out dope fiend like I experienced with another place. Everything was great.

Derrick Climber

Amazing drivers, and good variety. Good strains go fast the night before so have to be aware so you get the best selection. Love the service though being during the pandemic. 

James Anderson R

You guys are the best. Order online and delivered as soon as possible. You have much better service than the brick and mortar pharmacies do. 

High Mario

Very friendly delivery drivers, and quick service. customer service is on point, too. I feel like they really care about their customers and it's been a good experience so far. 


Very friendly delivery drivers, and quick service. customer service is on point, too. I feel like they really care about their customers and it's been a good experience so far. Definitely recommend. 

Morgan Wallis

Easy to order, customer service is always friendly and the wait time for their delivery is far less time than the competition. The flower is always top-notch and I will remain a loyal customer.

Shadow eyes

This was so easy to do. Only took them like 40 minutes to verify my information and everything came as expected. My only issue is that I was told my order would be delivered on Friday and it didn’t arrive until Saturday. I’m assuming they’re a somewhat new business though so I can only guess it will get better from here. 09/10 would be recommended. 


I tried them because they offered delivery and I was feeling lazy. I'm so glad I did. They are probably the most helpful people I've come across in a dispensary, and that was just over the phone. I placed my order with ease and they called shortly after so I would know what to expect. Delivery was fast and called when just a couple of minutes away. I almost forgot the main reason I went.  I only have tried 2 different strains of flower but it definitely has me excited to try more.

Yung timez

My first time buying from this dispensary. I got delivery for free and they worked with me on time. Great delivery service as well. 

Uncle Joe

I totally surprised by how good the budz worked for me. It really cut down on my inflammation. They were so calming and relaxing. I highly recommend CBD Pharmacy #1. I love their flowers, it made me feel really good and I was still able to function. was professional and the DELIVERY was right on time. They even gave me my own smell proof bag. I will be recommending them to all my friends.

George Kunt

Very professional company and very speedy with their delivery service. Maybe it's just me but that CBD flower made me super relaxed. I will be buying their CBD facial cream next. I got a sample of it and I liked that. It didn't feel too heavy on my face, which is a plus for me when It comes to facial cream. I definitely recommend CBD Pharmacy.


Fast delivery and quality items. The driver was very nice. Thank you! I will be buying again.

Mc Frost

I really like the quick response to my order. I receive a call and an estimated time of arrival. They were there exactly when they said they would be. I loved the product. The flower was smoother and any other. The taste was better too. After using the product, I felt good mentally and physically. I was way relaxed but not stuck. I will be ordering again definitely.

Ronald Bakery

Awesome People. They are very informative on their ETA as well as when they arrive. The delivery driver was very professional and polite. For the Flower you can't find a better deal for 28grams, 2 strains to choose from both fitting of the price. If you are looking for the super crazy top-shelf stuff this might not be for you but if you want excellent quality bud for a fantastic price you can go wrong with this place. I highly recommend them and will most definitely be ordering again.


I love this Pharmacy. Good buds, good service, decent prices, and the budtenders are all a bunch of rockstar hotties. Would definitely recommend it. 

Esther Nurish

All around pretty good dispensary. Customer service is always enjoyable and the staff is helpful as well as knowledgeable. Great deals, online ordering is quick and easy.

Durant Jake

They’re always in a great mood to welcome people in and. They usually have some pretty good deals. Their service is amazing. I love the daily specials the staff is friendly and knowledgeable.


One of my favorite dispensaries, free consultation, and fast delivery service. They’re smeared very friendly as well. I would definitely recommend to anyone.

Kendrick Yung

This is one of my favorite dispensaries. I was having issues pulling up my medical card and they helped me figure it out.

Aduland Aheb

def one great location, great music, and great customer service. if it takes longer to get in the back it's cause they are always busy. keep the good times coming with affordable and reliability when it comes to quantity and quality. 

I am always welcomed and given super kind service when I pick up from the dispensary. Also, I am glad to have a great dispensary that can deliver to my address.

Martin Ray

Honestly, the setup inside is so well put together and the energy of the budtenders, security, and staff is just as great. Their deals are pretty good too and honestly, I like getting my concentrate from them.


I bought the products from you guys and it was good quality so I will surely suggest your online shop to my friends also. Its safe and secure to buy from you and payment methods are convenient. 

Emilia Bricks

There is no one who loves pain itself, who seeks after it and wants to have it, simply because it is pain. Here I find what I need to relief all this world stress and pains.


First time here. Different layout than I’m used to, the ordering online system. If you are a regular customer you will understand what am talking about but the staff was knowledgeable and the atmosphere was pretty chill when I went to pick it up. I’ll place more others again for sure if I enjoy the flower I purchased. 

Drake Harris

Nice People and trees. That's what you will find when you are CBD Pharmacy. I just enjoy their online services.

Benadeth Calies

I love CBD Pharmacy. Best customer service around with so much knowledge. I instantly feel welcomed and comfortable to ask all and any questions over the phone and I know I'm getting the highest quality product. LOVE their website layout. Easy to navigate and place an order.

Awesome.....just awesome!!

Tried you CBD for the first time....totally awesome, hands down the best yet! Had others in different forms and nothing compares to CBDistillery! Will be coming back for sure!


Used them once but I'm ready to reorder. Had no trouble ordering online. Easy to navigate. Thanks guys excellent product I appreciate it.

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