Candyland Marijuana

Candyland Marijuana

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Candyland is a Sativa dominated strain which contains THC of almost 19% which gives it a good high with an earthy pine scent and flavour making it loved by many marijuana users. this strain is also known for its victory it has won the gold medal in the year 2012 this is a good strain for those looking for the happy and euphoric state . its buds are coloured greenish with a bit of golden touch to it.


This marijuana strain is a very effective product as it contains benefits of both worlds it has the power to cure many infectious diseases making it a natural medicine for treatment and its sweet candy taste provides a calm , happy and relaxed state of mind when smoked this drug most effective during the daytime instead of consuming it during the night but if you are using it to cure pain you can use it at night before sleep. 


Candyland strain is one of the best strains for cultivation in comparison to other marijuana strains because it grows quickly you can expect it to start flowering in 6 to 8 weeks of time and yields good crop it is considered great for seasonal growers. It is good for consumption due to its large number of benefits however excess use may lead to some side effects.

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