NYC Diesel

NYC Diesel

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NYC Diesel is a Sativa dominant hybrid strain and is also called Soma Sour Diesel. It is a cross hybrid strain product of Afghani and Mexican landraces. Though it grows indoors as well as outdoor, this strain grows well inside. The aroma of this strain is sweet similar to red grapefruit and has a light touch of diesel flavor. NYC Diesel is the perfect choice during vacation or weekend since you don’t do much physical work.


The cerebral effect of this strain gives deep and full relaxation to your body after a few minutes of usage. The rare taste of NYC diesel provides a head high that boosts your energy and uplifts your mind but mild body effects. This effect results in uplifting your euphoria feeling. People in the creative field can use this strain since it improves their creative ideas. New users might sometimes feel lazy when using it for the first time, don’t get panic. 


Most NYC Diesel users prefer to consume this in the morning as well as in the afternoon to get full energy. Holding 20 percentage of THC in this strain is a great relief from stress, depression, social anxiety, and sleeplessness. The powerful effect of NYC Diesel helps the users to boost appetite and cure eating illnesses.

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