Electric Kush

Electric Kush

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Electric kush is famous for its smoothness and unique taste. is made from the mix of Durban poison, platinum OG, and sherbert genes this hybrid contains an equal percentage of India and Sativa which gives a balanced high and lasts for a very long time the buds are usually light airy, and contain a crystal coating it has a slight cherry taste which makes it indescribably delicious and delightful smooth which makes it a unique in its own kind without being a copy of other strains.


Electric push provides an immediate high due to its TCH content which gives its users a calm state of mind providing relaxation and a euphoric state its medicinal properties are proven by science to cure many diseases which makes marijuana a powerful herb however it is not advisable to consume at heavy doses otherwise it can lead to some serious health problems. 19% THC.


Electric kush is a powerful hybrid that has a number of uses from consumption in the form of smoking it through joints due to its fine and smooth taste gives light headed feel and pleasure by which it builds a place in the hearts of its users you can cultivate it in your own place with proper maintenance and look after it can be used as a good alternative to pharmacy drugs curing your body in a natural way.

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