Heavy Hitters

Heavy Hitters

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As the name says heavy hitters is a  Cartridge for your vaping pipes it gives strong highs to its consumers it is easily attached to your vaping pipes and it lasts longer and provides enjoyable smoking experience with this premium quality liquid has a fine taste which will calm your throat leaving you relaxed and stress-free vaping smoke releases dopamine which is the brain chemical responsible for happiness and joy use this product with your friends on your next smoking session.


vaping smoke is very effective in today's era it is easy to carry, use and even pocket friendly and the best alternative to tobacco products it has very fewer side effects as compared to cigarettes which are made of tons of chemicals which may damage your health this cartridge has very fewer chemicals however excessive use is not recommended. cartridge gives you the option to choose from different varieties of flavours which suits your taste buds. 


 Using this heavy hitters cartridge is very simple you simply need to attach it to you vaping pen or pipe and turn the power on the battery in your vaping pipe provides head to cartridge giving you a thick smoke-like vapour on inhaling through the mouth the flavours feel your throat and gives out good sensation on releasing it out again via the mouth 

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